LG & Partners

Why us

We have a combined legacy of over 25 years experience in the Defence Industry as business managers, strategic business developers and account directors. Prior to our industry careers we were officers in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and Royal Navy Submarine Service respectively.

We have been employed by the widest range of the commercial defence majors including Marconi, BAE SYSTEMS, Thales and QinetiQ – in the most Senior Customer Facing roles.

Our wide breath of commercial experience gives us a unique set of exceptional relationships with Senior Executives across all disciplines in the MoD together with UK and International Defence Organisations and Companies. Overseas experience includes Europe, USA, the Far East and Australia
LG’S business is founded in the use of our Vast Range of Contacts to make our Executive Search Assignments more efficient and lower risk. In particular, its network uniquely positions LG & Partners to conduct robust Primary and Secondary Referencing of successful candidates if required.

Our Network of Contacts in the Submarine Service is at all levels. This provides a consistent source of Nuclear Engineering Capability from Servicemen leaving the RN. To this end, we have a close relationship with The List, the RN Employment Liaison Officer, the Officers Association and the White Ensign Association.