LG & Partners

Underwater Survey

Specialists in UUV operations delivering underwater survey and mapping services to civil and military customers.

LG are specialists in UUV based underwater survey and mapping for ports and harbours, seaways, open ocean and critical installations.

LG provides
  • MCM, historic or new UXO and foreign object detection, identification and removal

  • Routine Port, Harbour and Critical Infrastructure underwater protection

  • MCM route survey including fusing multi-source data

  • Pre and post dredging bathymetric surveying facilitating focused debris removal

  • Marine Salvage, SAR, crash/wreck site survey (eg. Air France 447, Titanic)

  • Full GIS contact databasing

  • Pipeline mapping and inspection

  • Complex hull and underwater structure inspection

  • Oceanographic sampling

    LG implements a new approach for its clients replacing the costly traditional surface towed sonar solution providing vastly cheaper and more accurate results by using proven military standard UUV technology.

    Typical Open Ocean Survey Programme for 2Km²:
  • Team mobilisation and transportation

  • Survey planning and set up phase – 6 hours

  • Survey phase 2 hours

  • Analysis phase 1.5 hours

  • Additional surveys/identification as required

  • Reporting and recommendations

    Typical large Port survey of 44Km² with 30Km of jetties:
  • Survey planning and set up phase – 24-48 hours

  • Survey phase 50 hours

  • Analysis phase 24 hours

    Complex surveys (eg. ports) can take up to 6 times longer than open waterways

    Uniquely LG has the Royal Navy’s leading UUV operational expertise now available for commercial use worldwide. With over 60 years UUV operational and data analysis experience.

    UUVs provide:
  • 12-20 times speed advantage over diver searches with a 5 fold reduction in personnel, day & night capable, in depths of 3 to 6,000m

  • Vastly improved data quality: 5-10cm resolution throughout swath

  • Ability to search a harbour or enclosed waterway without interrupting the movement of other shipping

  • Negligible running costs

  • Deployable worldwide in less than 24hrs.

  • Covert operations

  • High coverage rates up to 1 Km²/h in harbours and greater offshore

  • The latest proven military technology

  • Modularity – simultaneous bathymetric sidescan, video or bespoke sensors